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First post... so apologies for any faux-pas. I've just got a Mk1 GS300 Sport (97P) after five years with a Lancia Integrale Evo 1. I wanted a change, and I got one! Integrale owners are a close-knit community and you can always get help when you need it, now I'm feeling a bit lonely since I don't know any Lexus owners I can approach for advice. I live in the North-West, between Oldham & Holmfirth and I'm wondering if I should take my car to my nearest Lexus Agent (Stockport) for its next service, or if anyone up here can recommend an alternative. Its last service was at carried out by Stockport at 66.940 and according to the book it's due next at 75.940. Also how much should I expect to pay for this service?

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Welcome to the club,

hopefully you will always be able to find help when you need it here as well.

What type of service is required next on the service book?

I guess you need to decide if you wish to keep up Lexus history or how long you plan to keep the car. You will always be able to get the car serviced cheaper than Lexus dealers who have high labour rates.

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mine is on an M plate and covered 140k its been serviced right up to 134k by lexus with all the stamps.. most of the bills for service i have got range from £400-£1000 depends on if it is due a full service or intermediete one.. and of course if it is full then that depends on what they find that needs doing.. you can always get them to give you a call with what needs doing before they go ahead and do it..


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Thanks for your response(s). According to the service record booklet, the next service is a 9000 miler; I take it that's an intermediate? Previous services have been carried out by a variety of Lexus and non-Lexus people, including (Heaven help me) one at 43,000 by Kwik-Fit! This being the case I don't need to be concerned about keeping up an all Lexus series of stamps.

Is it the case that a non-Lexus establishment will have the necessary knowledge & equipment to do a proper job. During 5 years with my Integrale I would never have allowed that car to be touched by anyone other than a specialist, and I was lucky to be put in touch with one of the best.

I'd like to think that given the kind of reliability that Lexus are renowned for I would keep the car for the forseeable future. The Integrale was a wonderful car, but I only got to enjoy it on a few occasions each year. For the rest of the time it was uncomfortable & noisy, which is why I decided to try something different. My shortlist was BMW 540, Mercedes E320 and the Lexus. The two deciding factors were the Lexus reputation for being bullet-proof and put together properly, and when I saw the Sport version I liked how the monster 18" wheels filled the arches, and the low stance of the car. If I'm being honest I think the latter was the clincher.

So far it's been fine. I have to check the rev-counter to see if the motor's running, and my left leg is beginning to atrophy having nothing to do. The automatic seems to be fine, but I've no experience of an auto-box so who knows? When the car is cold and on the overrun at less than 35 mph it seems uncertain about whether to provide engine breaking or not. When it's warmed up it's consistent.

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