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Chrome Bulbs...

Colin P

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I've been planning to get rid of that nasty orange strip for a while and so I was going to order some bulbs, I went to the silvervision website from this thread

The problem is that the online ordering doesnt seem to be working and also its hard to read the text, so, does anyone know of any websites where they sell the chrome bulbs that flash orange?



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i bought some Philips Silver Vision bulbs for my car but the guy at the store was saying that I would have to file off one of the pins on the bulb or something??? Does this sound right? he was talking about offsets and whatever else but i've been assured they will work

it has this on the packet, has anyoen else had to do this to their bulbs?

Fully interchangable with standard PY21W bulb.

Complies with ECE regulations and is fully road legal.

Base: BAU15,s

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