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Am I right in thinking that they are Dunlop SportMaxx?  Hoping to rid my car of awful tramlining.  

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You may need to adjust the tracking as well as replacing the tyres.

No idea what the oem tyres were, but I don’t think it really matters. Any decent brand (lots of opinions on here about tyres) will do.

I run Michelin Pilot Sport 4s on my GS450H, no complaints.

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Thanks Andrew.  I got my tracking done a couple of months ago but had continued to experience horrible wandering and tramlining.  I thought maybe the tyres were overdue replacement, albeit there is a reasonable amount of tread on them.  However, when visiting a different local tyre place the guy suggested having the tracking checked again and he discovered it was very, very adrift of the correct settings.  Seems there are two settings covering the GS450H and it seems the previous garage had used the wrong ones.  Possibly the settings were changed at a particular time or build date.  I’ve postponed replacing the tyres (currently Yokohama) until the new year, when I’ll do all four with a premium brand.

Either way, with the tracking done correctly the car drives utterly sublimely - I was almost in tears when I drove it out of the tyre garage and down the road for the first time  It’s so much more relaxing not having to fight the steering all the time and makes driving (ahem) briskly an utter breeze!   No plans this weekend so I may fill it to the brim on Saturday morning and take it on a couple of nice long drives 🙂 

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