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2012+ GS Xenon Bulb replacement

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Hi all fellow GS owners

I am thinking of replacing both D4S Xenon bulbs on my car. No problems yet but i have seen the passenger side flickering so i am guessing it's on the way out anyway. 

Took the front covers off yesterday and nearly *** my pants. I once spent 3 hours replacing the passenger side bulb on my LS430. Looks like this is not going to be far off. For now i have put the covers back on and decided to arm myself with some knowledge before i dig in. Has anyone tried this? Did you remove the fuse box to do the passenger side? I'm struggling to find any instructions on the internet..  

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Warning: this post isn't going to help with your problem in the slightest. Sorry. 

I tried changing the indicator bulbs (ours are the LED headlamps, but still have filament indicators) once - no joy (slight variation in base moulding made it impossible to get the bulb in). 

But after owning a P3 Volvo V70 (2011) I'm astounded by how difficult it is to change bulbs on some other cars. Why can't they all do what Volvo did with the P3 cars? It was literally a 30 second job to remove the entire headlamp unit from the car, to take it inside in the dry and warm to change a bulb. See from 1:10 to 1:40:

Pull 2 tent pegs, slide the lamp unit out, unplug the connector. 

So.... not helpful, but a bit of "what could/should have been". 

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