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new to the site, joining in hopes to open avenues with vendors on the never ending quest to improve the car, pick at brains of the tenure F owners. I’m former US Air Force, med retired, visited Mildenhall many moons ago. Current contracting all over, primarily Japan. I have an 09 ISF, full adjustable rear suspension, Hardrace, HKS coilovers, waiting on supernow and SIKKY braces bushings endlinks etc. starfire Pearl, 19x9” front 10” rear Rays G25, cwest aero. RR tune waiting to find headers for a right drive and making my own header back. 60k on the clock, first Lexus ever, transitioned from old yota drift missles, and STI/EVO cars. Started off like any good yank with some ugly cheap interior muscle cars. Was a BMW tech/enthusiast and now settling in with the Lexus since manuals are done deal after years of breaking my body down. Couldn’t be more excited and impressed with the platform. Always interested in learning about other regional car scenes and how people live and operate in life generally not just cars. Hoping to network and source parts as well as find cool stuff for my new found Lexus brethren. 




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6 hours ago, scudney said:

Nice looking car,welcome to the LOC,hoping you find the forum educational and informative CrustyBuck 


6 hours ago, Eame64 said:

Welcome to the forum.

Nice looking ISF.


Thank you much, still long ways from my vision, the car does so much on its own, picking cosmetic stuff to stand out but not clash with the body lines takes some thought. Glad the interior was easier, just all black, the picture does the seats no justice.


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