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Quick question please,

I have an ES on order and a colleague has had delivery of an UX. There was no handbook with the vehicle and the lease company told him Lexus no longer supply these with their cars.

I would be amazed if this was the case.

Can anyone confirm please thanks?

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Yes this is the case. No paper manual supplied by default.

One can request one to be supplied but all manuals are now available online (register on My Lexus portal) for downloading in PDF form and Lexus would, it seems, prefer owner's to go this route.

My 2019 RC came with a short guide in paper form but the PDF version is very much more comprehensive. 

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I wanted a hard copy manual on principle.  You'd be amazed at the old world manual sets that came with my LS460 and GS450h.   5 manuals each,  main user book, service book, sat nav manual, quick start book and a general Lexus book with all details of dealerships across the UK, breakdown service information and contact numbers etc.

My dealer got their hands on an ES300h manual for the UK market and slipped it in the glove box prior to collection.  There was a service book for scheduled servicing and I bought the official ES300h sat nav manual for £38 from a local dealer.   The service stamp book was in a faux leather wallet  so I bought a Lexus owners manual wallet in leather off E Bay  from a GS300h  for a tenner.    I have the pdf user manual and sat nav manual on my laptop but always feel having a book in my hand when I am in the car and want to check something is easier for me.   You boys who are tech savvy and use i pads etc are more used to that world than me. 

Just while I have it in mind I experienced a complete automated braking incident without me pressing the brake pedal.   The car has the rear cross traffic system for reversing and while reversing into a road from a drive way but knowing I had plenty of room to complete the manoeuvre the brakes came on full because a car,  which   was travelling on the opposite side of the road,  was  close by and it's proximitry    must have triggered the brake sensors.  I was under the impression the rear cross traffic system was an audible warning etc.    Nice to found out something really does  it's job.   Big red warning light came on too as the car stopped.   


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