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The first new strut fitted!

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I had a bit of time this morning before a work appointment so I made a start and did the first front strut. About two hours but I think the next one will be much quicker.  Some say it's not necessary but I took the upper control arm joint apart as it made things much easier.  Also replaced the drop link.


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5 minutes ago, Britprius said:

Well done Phil. It's amazing how much time is gained once you do a job again knowing the little tweaks, and things you did wrong the first time.
Good luck.


Thank you.  I resisted driving it until the other side is done. It was very satisfying to see the car rise to its correct level!  Interesting to see the original ones with the top mating metal to metal whereas the new ones have a fairly hefty rubber mount.  

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Well today proved me wrong.  2.5 hours just to disconnect the air hose!  There's literally 1.5" to get your fingers in and all it is is a plastic clip that I struggled and struggled with.  The rest was straightforward in-between downpours.  The fronts are done now and the knock has gone!  If the weather is reasonable tomorrow I'll attack the rears, the seat is already out.



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24 minutes ago, cruisermark said:

Ok - So how does the ride compare to the original lexus struts?

I've only done a short drive and it was raining a lot, so hard to tell at this stage, it certainly felt good.  I'll try to get the rears done tomorrow and let you know how it feels after a longer run.

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