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Annoying Creaking from interior hatch 2008 400H

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Body seals can harden over the years and also seize to frames in winter.  I have had to use warm winter to free off  before now and when this was not possible and had to open had some of the rubber left on a door frame on previous car, so along with helping squeaking helps with two problems. Thanks for recommendation - have placed order today. 

14 hours ago, Herbie said:

If the cleaning and wiping helped, have you tried lubricating the rubber?

If not, this stuff is excellent and will also stop the doors/tailgate from freezing shut in icy weather.


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On 11/24/2019 at 9:43 PM, Bfine said:

My 2008 RX 400H (105K), WAS very quiet, but has developed a squeaky-creaking noise around the hatch.  I have cleaned and wiped the weatherstripping but the annoying creaking has returned.  Has anyone got a fix for me? 

Check it's not the rear seats rubbing together at the sides ...

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On my RX350 the hatches to the rearmost storage compartments in the floor squeak badly especially at low speeds. I know that is the problem by placing heavy bags on the hatches and the noise is cured completely.

By attaching small pieces of neoprene foam under the hatches so they were squashed when closed the noise was cured long term.

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