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My Fuel Consumption 2015 RX450h

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Now my 2015 car is about to go I have compiled the figures from my phone app gleaned since October 2018 to give others an idea of the expected econonomy of these cars. all figures are based on filling brim to brim every time so should be a good guide for expected economy.

Car running on Michelin Cross Climates throughout this time.

Date Range 5/9/18 to 20/11/19

Total mileage 27819

Daily mileage 63.08

Weekly mileage 441.57

Fuel used 3812.88 litres in 99 fillups

MPG 33.52

Monthly cost £315.28

Cost Per mile £0.165


I hope this benefits all interested parties



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6 hours ago, stringbender said:

Good info. Les. Do you fill up with unleaded or super unleaded fuel?  I think you'll get a few more mpg on your new RX.


I only use normal fuel with the very occasional redx. 

Because the fuel is through the car so quickly I normally use Tesco or when it is a good price Texaco. I haven't noticed a great deal of difference with performance, but in the past with other cars I avoided supermarkets fuel because you could feel the difference. 

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I watched a u tube video last night on the truimph Dolomite vs a BMW from the 70s I think 2002 both 1500-1600 cc giving 23 mpg lol with 123 bhp . Cars have come along way .my rx averages similar mpg to yours .we normally get 400-450 to a tank full on a steady run worst I've seen is 300 with me driving and no wife 😇. I must mention we always use shell v power and I'm banned from the car untill Sunday when I give it a run after checking it over levels etc ,as it sits most of the week on the drive. I like the car can't see us changing it anytime soon even for a newer model .


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