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  1. I know I used to get mine serviced by Robin Lamb in Gloucester. Steve Winwood and Richard Ashcroft both use him rather than the Main Dealer. Great guy who I knew from when I dealt with M J Warner in Gloucester before Mercedes booted out the decent local dealers around 2002
  2. My absolute worst car was a 1976 Austin Allegro. Cylinder head gasket at 700 miles, paint falling off the side, upholstery falling apart, in the garage for 6 weeks in the first 12 months. Replaced with a mk2 Escort which is currently showing as SORN. 1990 Vauxhall Cavalier Sri was reliable but was reshelled by Vauxhall when 7months old due to rust. 2014 current shape Mini Cooper diesel - the last time I bought new. Absolute disaster, dreadful fuel consumption despite having updated software. Collision avoidance system randomly trying to kill me by seeing a phantom head on collision. Final straw was a steering failure with no parts available and bodywork damage caused by recovery. BMW customer non service made me go to Mercedes after 6 months of unhappiness.
  3. Looks nice but I would avoid it as I think it is a very 'niche' colour. Suspect being Pearlescent in that unusual shade it would be difficult to match if damaged (having said that so are quite a few Lexus colours).
  4. I should have said that the ML sound system in the gen 4 car is far superior the gen3 version. The later system upscales mp3s. Music I have played off the same USB stick sounds totally different (in a good way) played in my 2017 car compared to my 2015 Advance.
  5. Premier trim if you can stretch to it will give you the whole experience including the adjustable (non air) suspension which will give you the same ride as an F sport plus a lot more kit. The standard HUD is great. Important Buy a car registered before April 2017 and it will be £115 a year rather than £400+ Road Tax I love the fuel consumption = average nearly 37mpg over 7,000 miles since November. If it has diamond cut wheels check the centres for signs of corrosion and push for a proper refurbishment or replacement. There has been a recall for fuel pump replacement, check if it needs to be done. My January 17 car had a water pump at 24000 miles before I bought it. That cost over £1000, so make sure you buy a Lexus Approved car with full warranty. I have cream leather with brown interior and sapele wood. I sought out this combo because I didn't want black Feel free to ask me more questions. Good hunting
  6. I was impressed today with Mike Harris as always, but the guy who dealt with me when collecting the car was also extremely helpful. Transpired he is normally the group after sales customer service person, but is currently based in Cheltenham as he only lives in Worcester. Felt very much a valued customer today.
  7. I had a noise like a wheel bearing rumble on my last RX450h. It was the rear tyres due to the way they had worn. They were Dunlops and it's common with them apparently.
  8. Hi John, Yes it was the 40000 mile service. Next one thankfully will be a little cheaper. Kind Regards Les
  9. Just had my car serviced at Listers, Cheltenham today. Unusually for me the service was done on time basis due to lockdown rather than mileage. If anything service there better than usual. Car came back nicely washed with tyres dressed. Service should have been £520 plus £37 for wiper blade replacement on the front. With owners club discount of 15% the total bill was £466.38p so I'm very happy.
  10. Michelin Cross Climates are extremely good on the gen 3 cars. Never found the suspension hard on my 2015 Advance, much softer than NX's I tried. Just fitted Cross Climates on my wife's Fiat 500 which previously ha factory fit Goodyears and the ride is far softer now, car is much more comfortable to travel in
  11. Chemical guys products work for me
  12. My experience with sale repairs suggests that it will be a mobile repair. My last RX450h had a tear in a door trim and after repair it was difficult to tell it had been done.
  13. I had to get a windscreen replaced in a brand new CT loan car a couple of years ago(less than 200 miles on it) The guy who fitted it(recommended by Lexus Cheltenham) told me that if the camera's are carefully removed and reinstalled there should be no issues with Calibration. Certainly he made a wonderful job of the fitting and everything worked perfectly.
  14. I have no problem with the HUD. Like most things it is a question of getting used to it. Its important to adjust it to get it to the optimum position for your personal comfort. If wearing polarised sunglasses it needs to be switched maximum brightness.
  15. My understanding is that the DSG gearbox in the VW is very unreliable and expensive when it fails. Strangely I read an article about it this week.
  16. Try talking to Lexus Customer Services. Often they will make a goodwill gesture outside of any Warranty. My Last 4 year old RX450h had wheel corrosion not covered by extended warranty and Lexus Customer Relations paid for them to be refurbished.
  17. If you are talking about a gen 4 RX450h my Premier has the adjustable suspension where it stiffens in sport plus mode or can be specified in the customize menu. It is very good on undulating surfaces as it makes the car less wallowy.
  18. They don't do the Cross-Climates in the size to fit gen 4 RX450h 😭😭😭😭
  19. I allegedly retired at the Old age of 49 years and 10 months since when I have done all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs, a while in an opticians working for my daughter, mystery shopping (everything from banks to motorway services). Counting adverts on supermarket trolleys, photographing advertising hoardings to quality control placement. For the last 13 years I have worked part-time for a private company doing house conveyancing searches at councils. It is surprising what opportunities are out in the world for us oldies
  20. The Big road tax change on any car with a total list price (so that include extras when new) of £40000 or over is 1st April 2017. My car was registered in January 2017 so I pay £115 a year. If the car was a few weeks newer I believe it would be around £500..
  21. I have the Lexus liner that came with the car which is good. On my last RX450h and previous GS I bought cheap fitted ones which were brilliant from the internet. I think I posted details on here at the time. The best part of them was there was a non slip area in the middle which effectively stopped cargo from moving.
  22. Cross Climates given the choice. Sadly they're not available for my current car so will have to put up with whatever is available when they need changing.
  23. Michelin have a similar offer at present. There offer is really good because they put the cash in your bank👍 I just had a set of Cross Climates fitted on my wife's Fiat 500. Transformed the ride from the factory fit Goodyear noticeably.