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  1. Try an RX450h if you want comfort in a vehicle suitable for your Irish bog roads (I have dual citizenship with my family being out in North Tipperary). I have owned both a 2015 3rd generation Advance model and now a 2017 Premier Both would be good. The adjustable suspension in my current car is fabulous and the ML sound system is superb.
  2. You should have a pape service book with the car. This is a condition that is in 'The Approved Lexus' conditions. It will probably be a copy due to GDPR (I've had 2 cars thus equipped)
  3. Regarding tyres, my first RX suffered from a worn wheel bearing type noise. Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres wear in a strange way and are known to cause this sort of whine. They were on the rear of my car and changing them cured the noise.
  4. Apologies but just quickly read this post. I had an issue with my alignment check on my last RX450h in that the tyre centre set the tracking up based upon my private number plate. Unfortunately that was for my previous 2015 GS300h. Luckily I spotted the model on the printout and they rechecked it. Fortunately the figures for the GS were identical to the RX and all was fine.
  5. I Had all 4 wheels on my 2015 RX450h refurbished last year as a goodwill gesture Just had a wheel replaced on my 2017 RX450h under warranty due to the start of corrosion near the wheel centre. The clues are all there...
  6. OP possibly says this because some people don't get on with the ECVT gear system - let's face it the motoring press are always critical for some unknown reason.
  7. Sorted. i didnt realise it was 15mm sat nav I needed to input. Now got PW675-00A38 as the required card Many Thanks
  8. With all modern diesels the way that it has been driven affects the issues they suffer. Having owned many modern diesels I had no problems because my car was always hot and travelling big miles. (4 Ford's, Fiat Punto, Alfa Romeo, Mini Cooper x2. Mercedes C220, Mercedes E250 cabriolet). I know a number of people who bought diesel cars to pootle a mile or so to the shops. These people have all had huge repair bills. ( makes include Toyota RAV 4 - issues at less than 3000 miles, Audi A6, VW golf, VW Touran). I wanted a Lexus for a long time and was put off by the reports I read on the diesel. I waited until the Hybrid was in budget for that reason. I would suggest that if you are buying a used Diesel Lexus the chance of finding a car that has always been running hot are fairly slim and would therefore avoid to prevent any potential issues.
  9. AVOID the is220d at all costs. There have been some very recent sad tales of purchases on this forum of cars which have turned out to be total lemons. Get yourself a nice petrol version instead.
  10. Seeing the cost of replacement water pump labour on my 2017 car the warranty is cheap as chips (Water pumps are a known Toyota weakness).
  11. My 2017 had a new fuel pump fitted at the request of Lexus UK in October. This is not showing in Lexus link, but is shown in a printout supplied by the dealer last week. Likewise this shows a replacement water pump. This was £115 for the part and an eye watering £736 for the labour to fit. VAT not included!!!!!!
  12. Sounds like the car is no longer economically viable and has 'reached the end of the road'. Sadly time to part company and put the money into something else.
  13. Gen 3 RX450h doesn't have a rev counter at all, unlike the later model.
  14. Had Primacy 4 on my 2015 GS300h and they were fabulous. Cross Climates on RX450h are superb.
  15. Quite agree, but the location was unsuitable and the felt seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed.
  16. Trust me if they were watching you, you would never find the device without specialist equipment 🛰️
  17. The Big centre armrest in the front of my car has an annoying creak when leant on. Today I took a look at it and realised that the 2 catches either side of the lid seemed to be the cause. A quick search in the garage found a pack of small self adhesive backed felt pads One either side of the lid next to the catches and hopefully all is sorted.
  18. Think your first step is to replace fuse with new one and check all contacts are clean.
  19. Hope you are now fit and well. Fortunately I released the tailgate smartish and grandson OK. Crazily Lexus had just replaced the gas struts because I wasn't happy they were holding the tailgate up effectively. The new ones weren't as good...
  20. Don't know if you've seen my post elsewhere, I got my dealer to print out the full history of my car. While my car was on the forecourt for sale in October Lexus UK got the dealer to replace the fuel pump. Sounds like an issue they deal with in service rather than a recall. Wonder if your car has been subject of the same modification.?
  21. On my RX450h if you select radar cruise it sets to your speed what you are doing say if you push lever down. Say you are doing 37mph. If you lift the lever it goes to 40 and then only goes up and down in 5mph increments. I believe that what PRT68 says is probably correct regarding normal cruise (I haven't tried it yet).
  22. No you can't get discount on warranty (tried it). Interestingly sold my car having paid monthly over 6 months for the warranty, because I hadn't claimed I had a £450+ refund which I was very impressed with. The warranty is definitely good value. The dealer gave me a print out of my cars history. It had a £115 +VAT water pump replaced tin August. The labour was £760. That was without VAT. So if the car had been 5 months older and out of manufacturers warranty that is £1000 bill. 2 year extended warranty paid for in one hit....
  23. B You know that Cheltenham give 15% discount to Gold members? 😊