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RX300 Dash Rattle Fixed

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In cold weather my dash rattles like a good 'un, right at the front where it meets the windscreen. I assume that the dash shrinks enough in the cold weather to allow some play between the edge of the dash panel and something at the front, either the dash brackets under the panel or the windscreen itself. Being a cantankerous old thing, it winds me up even though it disappears when the cabin warms up. That 20 minutes of rattling is most of my trip between home and work, so it had to go....

Well, I found a solution: spongy foam cord on eBay. I ordered a couple of meters of 8mm cord and stuffed it down between the dah and the windscreen. It's compliant enough to push in and fill that gap and hold the dash down, but not solid enough to push on the windscreen and cause any problems. It's also black foam, so it just disappears once in the gap. Two metres is enough to run the cord along the full width of the windscreen with about half a metre spare.

The cord is available in different diameters so if your gap is a different size, you can order the right size for your application based on the size of the gap. Don't go massive and jam a big thick cord down there, or it could put pressure on the windscreen or something in hot weather. You need a diameter just big enough to slide into the gap and stop that annoying rattle when it's cold.

If anyone has the same issue, the sponge cord is here:


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Anybody get any creaking from the dash cluster? Mine creaks if on anything other than smooth roads, but if I squeeze together the top centre of the cluster cover and dashboard it stops.

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