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Hi There, I'm Elaine and a bit rusty at posting on car forums.  I have a 2008 IS220d which I've had for 3 years.  Hubby has an RX400.

The reason I'm posting today is that my rear window is not heating.  I have checked the fuses and relays and they're fine.  I'm now facing

the decision of having a garage remove the head lining and check the wires or just get a new window or if there's another choice?

My experience of head lining is that it won't go back properly and it will spoil the look of the car.

Any ideas?

BTW I'm in my 60's and been driving for many years and was previously a member of the Saab club.  I still run a classic convertible so

i'm kinda used to car fixes.

Any suggestions appreciated but I'm heading back into the garage on Friday to give them my decision.

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Elaine welcome LOC. Have you carefully checked the heating wires printed on the inside of the screen for any brakes? These can get cut by scratches when being cleaned.
Do the heated door mirrors work? as these are usually on the same circuit.
Can you see where the screen heating wires exit the edge of the glass? If you can connect a volt meter or 12 volt bulb "a side lamp or stop lamp bulb is fine" to each exit point with pointed metal probes. If you get a volt reading or the bulb lights "with the screen, and ignition turned on" it narrows it down to the screen heating print. You can buy conductive paint to repair any breaks in the print.

I hope this helps.

PS. you have spelled your name differently in your avatar.


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seems unlikely to be the glass or element, as usually you just loose a few strips if it has been snagged.    It's worth checking if you are getting 12v at one end of the element.... and that the connector is bonded to the glass.

Also, to help trace wires, you can download good wiring diagrams from Lexus (3 Euro for an hour browsing)... but I'd expect one of the side pillar covers will just pop off to reveal enough you can trace it

Are you sure the wiring runs in the headlining?.... (I expect it runs along the skirting (either top or bottom)


I broke the wire connector to the glass once  (old French car), glued it back on, but with a bad electrical connection, when I turned it on, the resultant heat cause the glass to shatter!)

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Thanks guys. 

There are no breaks in the circuit apparently.  There's no power getting to the top of the rear glass (4 wee black(er) dots) so it'll  be a check on what you've suggested.  I'll stay around the garage when they're looking at it on Friday and give them the info you've shared.  It'll will be a bit annoying for them but we're friends so I just might get away with it.

I have a large, wet and panting dog that I transport on the back seat so the rear window gets just a tad steamed up.



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