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Does anyone know of a good source for used LS400 spares?

I need a offside rear light* and a couple of central locking motors for my newly acquired '95 Mark 3 LS400

As none of them are particularly urgent, I don't mind waiting to see if it's possible to pick up something from a salvage yard. Has anyone heard of any similar vehicles being broken recently?

*Photo of Part Required

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your best light source (pardon the pun!!) is probably another lexus owner who's gone for a set with the clear indicators, and has the old ones sitting on a shelf in the garage.

i've not read anything in this forum about central locking motors failing, so are you sure it's not the wiring? or the control ralay/s?

and as for breakers having lexus's, they're like hen's teeth!

if you find one, you could tell us tho' :P

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Point taken, GB.

Well, if you're right and there IS anyone out there with the old-style indicators sitting on a shelf, please let me know what you want for them!

As for the central locking motors being required rather than something else, that's the verdict of the auto-electrician who looked at the fault for me. He kindly suggested that I might like to find the parts myself rather than having to re-mortgage the house by buying them at the local Lexus dealership.

Anyway, what's the law on cracked rear lenses? Do you automatically fail the MOT strictly speaking if you've a cracked lens, or what?

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Try this,

Breaking a 1993 Lexus LS400 UK SPEC, All parts available including Leather trim To purchase any of the parts of this car please call JAS on 0208 421 9586.

Don't know whats left, but must be worth a call. Hendon I think.


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With regards to whether a cracked lense is an M.o.T failure, it depends on the severity. The book says that the light must not show white light to the rear, even then depending on how bad the crack is, you could go to Halfords or such like and buy Lense repair tape which basically looks like coloured sellotape. As a tester, this is what I suggest for small cracks and it is the cheapest option rather than buying whole lamp clusters!

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:) :) :)

@ risingsun !

if you have a LS400 UCF20 model (264 hp, from 1995 - 1997) then I can supply you with the parts needed.

ask your friendly Lexus dealer for his friendly prices and then offer me the amount you would like to pay.

with Lexus regards


:) :) :)

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Didn't want to mention this before - well until I'd got all the parts I needed.

This company have 3 LS400's for breaking,

93 LS400 Mk2

95 LS400 Mk3

98 LS400 Mk4

The details are not listed on their site, but give em a call.

The alternator & power steering pump are still on the Mk2 (found these just after I'd had both mine replaced). - Don't go looking for the Temp/LCD display though !

Hope this helps sombody !!



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