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Ok i have a IS200SE 2001 in black with minor mods with 89k on the clock with FSH

I have seen at my local lexus dealer a IS200SE in black with delivery miles on 15 in total 2003/53

Ist Question How much trade in would i get for my lexus

2nd Question If the car i am after only has 15miles on will i get 3 years warranty with it i am sure it stated 1 year .

3rd Question My lexus has a spoiler and the one i am looking @ doesnt whats the chances of them fitting a new one for free as part of the deal.

4th Question I would also like side skirts fitted as part of the deal do you think they would include these.

Last question what is the rough price you would expect to pay for a 2003/53 is200se with delivery miles on

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All European supplied Lexus cars will have a 3 year, 60,000 mile warranty.

Are you buying from a Lexus dealer? I think you should be able to get a spoiler as part of the deal, maybe not the side skirts.

What are you minor mods? It may be better to remove the mods, put the car back to standard and then sell the mods. A dealer may give you a lower trade-in as they will probably put it back to standard anyway.

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