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I wonder if anybody can advise as to what may be causing my problem.

Got home from work, engine full temp, and as i parked on the drive, saw water coming out bottom of the engine. Opened bonnet and the water was coming out of the expansion bottle lid. Any help would be gratefully received.

cheers dudes. :shutit:

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just been there, bought the book, tee shirt and paid off the national debt! warped head/s, only shows up when engine is good and hot. mine may have been triggered by a split in the rad and the water ran away, then the temp gauge stuck at half way and didn't show that the block was very hot, and the water level switch in the header bottle wasn't working or had been bypassed!

i do hope this isn't your problem! but don't let them fob you off with 'theres no leak in the gasket' cos they must test it when it's fully hot. if you want to discuss it, PM me and i'll give you a ring.

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Thanks GreyBeard.

You really know how to cheer a guy up!! I appreciate your input and hope to *** this aint my problem. Car going in on Monday so will let ya know how it got on.

I did notice a heirline crack in the top of the expansion reservoir next to the sensor. If this is letting air into the system, does this action lower the boiling point and the build up of pressure push the coolant out?

Lets hope it`s just a new bottle needed. :shutit: :shutit:

Cheers dudes!!

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Today I am one happy guy. :) :) :) Just got me car back from the garage. The only thing wrong was the split in the bottle and old cap was knackered.

On the new bottle is filling instructions for the coolant so I thought i`d post them here. Might be of some use to ya!

1: After cooling system is emptied, fill with cooland (approx 6 Ltrs) through filler hole (front of engine) and reinstate filler plug.

2: Fill resevoir with coolant (approx 1 Ltr)

3: Keep adding coolant (approx 3 Ltrs) in resevoir with engine idling for 10 mins

4: Run engine at 2000-3000 RPM for 5 mins

5: Shut engine off and wait until coolant temperature goes down.

6: fill resevoir with coolant up to filler neck, then reinstall cap.

7: Coolant capacity 10.8 Ltrs.

Hope this helps Dudes :D :D

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