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Hi everyone,  has anyone tried fitting a k&n air filter on the is250 and if so what are your thoughts? My standard one could do with a change. 

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yes its worth it if the cars a keeper (3-5 years plus) & your gonna do the mileage, no performance gains in my opinion unless with other engine mods

part no 33.2345 btw if you haven't already checked

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I had K&N filter... no difference to be honest. I could not even say intake noise was better, maybe on F-sport.

As well I suspect I may have oiled it wrong and that caused MAF issues and had to clean it etc.

If you ask me - not worth having.

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Not worth it IMO. As others have said it doesn't really make a difference to the sound if keeping the stock airbox.

Most people over oil them and cause issues with the MAF.

You don't really need the extra air that the filter can pass if you aren't doing other mods to make use of it because the stock system isn't causing a restriction.

The better breathing comes at the cost of less filtering which increases engine wear (although very minor).

Back in the 1980s when you are changing the filter every 10k miles then there could be a cost saving, now when the OEM filter only requires changing every 40k miles that advantage isn't there.

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I have the k&n filter on a is220 to be honest every time I have a different car I always put the k&n filter in 

You won't gain a massive amount but it does feel a little freer on the throttle and you do get a nice little tone from it 

I don't know how much you're paying for a standard filter but it's only £35 from EuroCarParts I'm pretty sure it's the same filter for 250 and 220

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