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Vacuum gently and wipe over with a damp microfibre cloth.

It's vinyl so impenetrable. Ink marks and stubborn marks can be removed with proprietary cleaners from the likes of Autoglym or Chemical Guys

I bet Lexus do a cleaning kit for it ...

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As above + most of cleaning kits designed for modern sealed leather will work too e.g. Dodo Juice Supernatural - it is designed to clean modern leather seats, which are sealed and thus not that much different from synthetic leather when it comes actual surface you are cleaning. As well the sealant is designed as universal sealant and provide UV protection for leather or vinyl. 

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Autoglym interior shampoo is a very versatile all round cleaner which I use almost for everything. Depending on how dirty your surfaces are, you can use a shoe brush to agitate the surface and use microfibre cloth to wipe off. Or if lightly soiled, you can spray directly on the cloth to dampen and then wipe surface. 

You can also use leather cleaner too as this does a good job to clean and protect. Gyeon do great products, use their mild leather cleaner. 

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