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I have had all my cars engines in the last 7 or so years cleaned internally (8 or so) and most have shown improvement, my rx300 whilst it drive more smoothly it has not made as much difference as on my LS 400 and 430. My LS 460 is booked in to have the radiator replaced in a couple of weeks so thought I would ask if anyone had experienced this on their 460 and would recommend. My car has covered 77500 miles snd is a 2007 model.

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Most manufacturers’ franchises run a fuel system cleaner through on a mid to full service.

Lexus sell a fuel additive.

I put Redex in about once a year to clean the system and injectors.

I’ve used a catalyst cleaner after a failed mot for idle gas levels...fixed with no further issues since. Very likely it cleaned up the O2 sensors too etc.

A premium fuel would probably afford the same benefits?

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Thanks all good food for thought. I do add one in about five tanks as being high octane and car runs really well so as she’s getting older I am really keen on preventative measures.

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