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Cruise control to Altezza

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I bought an imported Altezza Gita with 2JZ. I would like to fit cruise control to it because it doesn't have one.

With couple of hours googling, I have figured out that I'll need at least new spiral cable capable for 6 wires (84306-60050) and of course the cruise control switch (don't have correct part number yet). Also, two new wires from ECU are required to spiral cable connector, found diagrams and ECU pins easily for this (if ECUs are identical between IS and Altezza). Hole for switch needs to be cut through steering wheel but I believe there are mounting points already.

Are there differences on the throttle body between IS300 and Altezza? Do I need something new in engine bay?

Trying to find out all required parts, before spending couple hundred to find out I need more parts.

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Hello and welcome to the LOC.

I’m surprised Cruise Control is not fitted as standard, you will also need the actuators and plenty of other stuff.

Personally given the amount of work required and the cost of parts I would live without it.

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Oh god, thanks for the info.

I guess it's some japanese thing to not have cruise control. Had to buy Altezza because IS 300 are so rare here (bit over 30 registered according to statistics) and this was the only on market. I'm mostly driving +200 km trips, so cruise would be nice to have.

Do you happen to know the specific actuators needed? I've tried to find everything related to the throttle body or cruise control from IS 300 part sites and haven't found anything clear. I've understood that there is only a throttle control motor inside throttle body, shouldn't that be enough?

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It could well be but have you also considered the safety factors involved, the last thing you want is to touch the brakes to disengage the CC only to find the car continues at the preset speed!

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I believe IS300 are made with same engine, gearbox and ECU so they should be ready to work with CC. First time needs to be tested somewhere safe, but brakes will always win the CC or engine can be shut off if it won't work as should.

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