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A little help how this part is called

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Greetings, had some knocking noises from the passenger side lately. I've checked everything and i found the problem, but i don't know how this part is called so to replace at. It's looking like a stabiliser baby link... It's connected with a metal bracket to another metal piece with some rubber inside. The noise is coming from there, it's loose and its have a little play. I can only apply a picture below in order to be recognised. It's a gs430 2001 Thanks 



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If it isn’t broken it’s probably OK as the ends tend to break off, Lexus only sell the complete unit with the height sensor for around £500.00. You can buy just the arm then adjust it to the same length.

If you have a rattle in that area check the exhaust heat shield above the back box they tend to corrode and fall onto the exhaust causing a rattle.

One of these will do the link job if you want to replace it.

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Again thanks allot. It means allot to me. Yes probably ill change just the link on it's own. About the noise, it's from the passenger side only and i all ready checked every single part, witch can make noises. Im on a way of  changing this weekend tie rods end, because i was able to twist them with my hand, but i dough the noise to be from an tie rod end. Anyway i've  sort out my main issue witch was the famous p1651 code on my own, witch i'm proud of at, so i think that i'l get rid of that clunking noise very soon. Its just strange that i'm hearing that clunking noise not all the time, but ill keep looking until the problem is resolved. Thanks for the quick and reliable respond.

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