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Xenon headlight fault

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I have an annoying issue with my 2015 is300h and wondered if anyone else experienced something similar.

My left headlight occasionally flickers when switched on but it never stops working. It just flickers and keeps on working. It's been doing this now for over a month.

Recently it got to a stage where it would happen more often so I decided to put in my old genuine osram bulbs (I am currently using genuine Osram CBB bulbs for over a year now) to see if the bulb was faulty. Weirdly the right bulb started flickering with the original bulbs. So I swapped the ballast from left to right to see if that is causing the issue, still the right side is flickering with the original bulb.

So far I have switched the ballasts around, changed both bulbs, checked the Battery (showing 12.25v) so that's not the issue. 

Anyone got any ideas of what can be causing the occasional flicker?

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