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AC cooling gas stopped suddenly while driving.

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Dear all, 

I got an AC issue and I would like to share it with u, I have Lexus LS430 (2002) full option with American specs, in fact I had an accident 5 months ago which LED to condenser being crooked, but I ignored it since the AC was cooling, few days ago, I noticed while driving on the Highway, the AC stopped cooling ( there is no cold air), i was In hell.

 After some time, I have stopped to a nearby Garage, and he started checking the AC and we could notice that there is a leak from the valve close to the Condenser as well as a leak from the condenser itself on the same spot where i had the accident, so he inserted a new rubber ring inside the valve to stop the leak besides he changed to a new condenser. lastly he fill in to a new cooling gas. and the AC started working. 

the surprise was here, after leaving the garage, for almost 10 minutes driving on the highway, the AC stopped cooling up, as if there is no cooling gas (134a).

Therefore, could anyone tell me what's the real problem here, Is it something related to Electronic AC circuits or probably the Compressor or maybe something else?  

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hey, welcome here ......  no idea where you are in the world but almost everyone on here, well me anyway, would suggest you take the car to a specialist aircon service business who will be able to professionally and reliably sort out your problem

I'm surmising you don't have the technical skills and knowledge to analyse even where to start, like most people, BUT you need the thing to work to cool you down

so keep calm, chill ( sic )  and see a professional......  costwise might not be to your liking but there's a sure solution somewhere for you

Best wishes with it all



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It sounds like you still have a leak, if you have paid the guy who did the job take it back there and ask him to test the system for leaks and repair as necessary before refilling with a CFC or find someone who can do the job correctly.

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Always get a professional look at your AC. The gases are odourless and will cut your life significantly short.

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Also, many AC professionals are unaware that the LS system takes 900ml of coolant due to the additional rear coolant circuit.
You will need to get the system checked out again.

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