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IS 300H F Sport

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Hi Peeps,

Thanks for accepting to the group.  I am looking to switch from a BMW 330d Xdrive to the IS300h F Sport and I have a budget is £12k.  Pls any advice that may include:

1) what to look out for 2) Where to one ay get a deal 3) Anyone has one to sell or Swap .

Any/All suggestions will be highly valued.


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Look out for the Lexus Hybrid Health check.

I've only recently purchased my RC 300h F-Sport after having been researching the IS 300h for a while. The trim levels are confusing to say the least. If you want a particular feature, check and double check that it actually comes with it.

They're fairly hot property due to the attractive low VED and the lack of new cars being sold, so it'll be less about getting a good deal than about gettting a good one. You have to bear in mind that these cars will probably depreciate a lot less than a BMW, so bear that in mind.

A quick browse through AutoTrader:  has quite a lot of paint issues - are you prepared to deal with that? But you can use that to drive the price down IMO.  is from a private seller and has been on sale for a while. Fairly local to me unsure about condition  seemingly okay in South Wales, but the photos aren't good enough to judge. Slightly over your budget.  can be bought for crypto currency :laughing: and you get Swarovski crystals in your number plate :unsure:

All I can say is, have a look at some, drive them and always buy on condition.

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8 hours ago, Initial P said:

It might feel a bit slow.

FTFY. Sorry, just being naughty.

I took mine down to Stanmore yesterday. Coming back, and approaching the Hatfield Tunnel, I had been stuck behind one of those buffoons in a black Range Rover. This had been going on for several miles as the owner clearly thought that lane 2 was for the sole use of black Range Rover drivers. As I'm on a fuel burning mission at the moment, I was using Sport mode to see if that would waste more juice more quickly. The idiot in front indicated that they were pulling over (thus saving me from the undertake I was planning) so as Steve Winwood wisely suggested, I saw my chance and took it. Foot firmly planted on the floor, the revs rose as normal, but about 1k away from the red line, they suddenly go up rather quickly don't they? 93 before anyone asks.

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