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Need some serious help!!!!


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Recently bought a 1993 gs300, found out that the trans cooler lines were twisted and kinked resulting in premature failure of the trans. Replaced trans, tried my damnedest for 2 weeks trying to either find new cooler lines(which are discontinued and no aftermarket) or get my old ones fixed. Paid money to get a new fitting for the lines to go into the trans fittings but the hoses that were put on are to bulky and now the lines are unusable due to rubbing on components and they just seem off. I have NO luck on find replacements OR coming up with a solution to this issues. I need some ideas on what i can try and do, i am thinking about running metal braided lines but having to match up the fittings and everything is gonna be a challenge, is there ANYONE out there with a idea that i can try or possibly someone who has ran into a similar issue? 

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6 hours ago, steve2006 said:

Replacement parts are still showing as available on with a 2-3 week lead time and a third of the UK price.



Have you ordered from the before? I found the lines on another website out of japan, but i paid for the lines and shipping just to be told they were discountinued and got a refund. I was searching for "lexus" parts so maybe they are still available for Toyota? I appreciate the help big time guys!

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