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Boot gas struts I.s.250 2011 replacement

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Just thought I'd pass on  this information, it might help anyone with  the  same problem  I had . I.e.

Boot lid struts weak, (hard to open boot lid). Purchased  replacement s from S.G.S. of DERBY.

STRUT No. GSC.2655. 2YEAR  WARRANTY. £23-99.each. Perfect fit and so easy to  replace on my 

Lexus i.s 250 2011. Boot lid now opens  with  ease. "LUXURY "  GLYNNY.

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Hello Roy and welcome to the LOC.

SGS have a good reputation for providing quality products here on the LOC.

Many members have purchased replacements from them.

In my case and living locally I took my bonnet struts to them and had them re-gassed to maintain originality.

They also manufacture quality axle stands and jacks and retail power tools at very good prices.

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13 hours ago, GLYNNY said:

Purchased  replacement s from S.G.S.

used SGS before on an old Mazda I had . superb people to deal with too


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