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ayup chaps!

ive just aquired a whole host of brand new unused ZEX nitrous oxide equipment for a very good sum of money and im after a bit of info before i try and have this fitted.

(made up of dry shot kit, bottle opener, purge kit and safety tube thing)

anyway i have been directed in the direction of your goodselves as ive heard theres a few folks with this all fitted :P

i have the ZEX dry shot kit basically and the main thing that concerns me is the fact that it is DRY!

as far as im concerned the fuel pressure has to be uprated to compensate othrwise it will be ineffective??

therefore a wet shot kit would be the better option?

or is there some other way of increasing the pressure?

i know that part of the ZEX range there is a fuel thing that actually boosts the pressure in order to compensate.

the smallest jet in the kit is also rated at 55bhp (additional jets are 65 and 75) but i have also noticed that the wet kits use a minimum of 75 and go upto 300! in all fair honesty 55 is ample and i didnt really require more than this anyway.

would an option be to source a smaller jet and then possibly the engine will cope without a massive upgrade in fuel control at all? as all in all the use of this kit is for show and fun factor more than anything and im never really intent on running the strip or racing etc etc...

also ive only got a tiny 1.5l engine as it is!

and for the final question, does anyone have a list of sources to fill the bottle, mainly within the region of mansfiled/nottingham/derby???

any help will be greatly appreciated!



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hi Rob, welcome to the yaris lovers site... only kidding.. well lets see what see what we can do for you...

All 3 of us here that have Nitrous all use the kit from the Wizard of Nos...aka Highpower Systems they also have a forum where you can find a wealth of

I also suggest that you read this here which is all about Zex kits... basically the highpower systems are arguable the best.. just have a read of all the facts... they even offer a garuntee against engine failure..

can i ask how much you paid for you kit..

We all run the nitrous through a progressive contoller which in its basic form will GRADually introduc the nitrous to the engine and build this up to 100% of the full power of a specified time.. this is the SAFER and KINDER way to use nitrous..else you serisouly run the risk of shortning the life or even blowing your engine.. this is a common mistake that people make with nitrous.

You also mention it will be just for show and fun but not for the drag... well i dont think there is a difference IMHO... nitrous shuold be operated at full throttle therefore you will often run out of road in say 10 seconds or so which is about as long as i personally like to squirt nos in any one time, so weather its on a strip or road makes no odds..

As for Jet size,, we all started with 25bhp jets to make sure the system was set up right and that the engine can take it.

Dae Ellen has been running 50 jets on top of the supercharger on his IS200 for many thousands of miles with no problems,

I have been running 75 jets on the IS300 with no problems

Steveaudio has yet to fit his...on holiday..

as for nos filling stations.. have a look at the agents list on the highpower website,, they all do nos..

hope this helps

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Had a quick look at the installation instructions for your kit. It increases the fuel pressure itself by attaching a vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator.

The problem you may have is the location and type of regulator you have. On the Lexus GS300, for example, the fuel regulator is together with the fuel pump in the fuel tank and doesn't have a vacuum connection.

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aaah bit of an eyeopener there!

thanks for that Fargo

i basically scooped the whole thing off a mate who bought it all from the states and then never bothered fitting it! it had been sat in his spare room for ages until i managed to badger the price down!

was interested in using it myself but that seems a bit of a daft idea.

may see about flogging it again for a tad more than i bought and get one of these highpower systems...

out of interest how much is the digital controller (no price on site) and fitting??

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sorry perhaps i phrased that slightly wrong

i didnt say 'oh no' against the price, i meant it cos i found the prices (wasnt looking hard enough on the site!) :rolleyes:

im quite impressed they have the warrenty style thing £1/1bhp

out of interest fargo do you have the digital progressive meter or the minimax controller?

if so how do you rate them?

i think ill be going for this kit as if its recommended by the lex crew then it cant be bad!

thanks for your help matey! i will give them a bell soon, bonus being as they are near me aswell!



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