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Will The Hybrid Affect Value Of Rx300?

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After finally deciding to buy an RX300 SE over the ML, X5 and Grand Cherokee, we hear about the Hybrid. We are not sure whether to wait. If we buy now and not wait for the Hybrid, do people think the value of the RX300 will drop significantly when the Hybrid comes out?

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That is the big question & one I went through.

My considerations were:

1. You can get the RX300SE for £2,400 discount at the moment, there will be no discount on the hybrid.

2. The hybrid has been delayed a few times (as members with deposits down will testify to) noone is certain when it will finally turn up.

3. If you haven't ordered one yet you could be looking at end 2005 to actually get one. There is always a new model of something available 15 months away but on that basis none of us would ever buy.

4. The big uncertainty is price. If the hybrid matches price (& discount) then I can see a hit on residuals but if it creeps up by say £5k - so a real £7.5k difference I am not so convinced.

Being an early owner of the hybrid should guarantee high residuals for the first year or so whilst availability is low - whether that will really hit the RX300 will for my mind depend on how close to being in competition they really are.

My view buy the RX300SE now and then put an order in for a hybrid for about 24 months time when the technology has bedded in.

I am sure others will have different takes - I am just too impulsive :D


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I had a similar dilemma,

I really wanted an IS, however wasnt so keen on the no diesel...

So my plan was to get an A4 tdi and the new IS diesel in 2005... that 2005 is now 2006... see what i mean ;)

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow :)

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Thought I might add my tuppance worth here….

There is one thing and one thing only that dictate residual values…

Supply vs. demand.

My opinion of what is going to happen is that when the public at large get to know just how good the HSD is vs. diesel (faster, quieter, more economical, lower BIK) everyone will want it. Especially in London with the congestion charge.

This will have a halo effect on specifically RX and then Lexus as a whole.

As not everyone will find the above attributes a priority, so there will be a demand for the RX300 at a lower price. This will allow people to bask in the glory of HSD without actually paying for it :D

This will all rest on LGB getting the mix of petrol:HSD right.

As for waiting a couple of years for technology to settle down… There are always improvements in any developing technology and the prices always come down (I saw a brand new DVD player advertised yesterday for £40, including 6 movies!) I must however point out that HSD has been tested in Prius for many years.

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