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Ebay Scammers

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oh dead oh dear,, the scammers just dont care if they are so obvious nowdays.

So ive got on ebay my technics 1210's and mixer etc.. its up at 500 quid or a buy it now price of 600..

so along comes this mail.. have a read


Reply-To :

Sent : 09 September 2004 03:54:20

To :

Subject : Question for item #5719202243 - Technics Decks and Mixer..

| | | Inbox

Question about your item

Dear fargo_fargo,

Dear Seller, I am interested in your advert Item and i will need to know the last price you will be selling as i am ready to make an offer £750 for it.I will be paying with a certfied cheque or banker's draft drawn from a UK bank therefore i hope this payment method is okay with you.If the payment method is okay do get back to me asap with your full name,contact address and phone number so that the cheque can be issued asap. Concerning the shippment,i will need you to get back to me so that we can discuss on this .as i am already making an arrangement with a shipper of mine who will be coming for the pick up. I hope to read back from you soonest. Regards

Now i give him his due.. the english is a lot better than the usual scammers.. but why the hell offer 750 quid when he can buy it now for 600...

so a little google on 'keromail' turns up lots of scammers using keromail..

so think ill just go and report it..

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i went ahead and reported him to ebay and also replied to his question posting the answer on my auction for all to see, this is what i said

" fk off SCAMMER,, have you done a google search on your email address you will see that keromail is used by people just like you SCAMMERS.. whilst your english is better than most SCAMMERS what gave it away was offering 150 quid more that the buy it now price...idiot.. and then saying you have your own courier to pick it up..idiot.. bye bye..idiot.."

and ive just got an email from him... some how i dont thin he has seen the answer i posted on ebay..

From : mandy layman <>

Sent : 09 September 2004 14:18:06

To : "Paul Clarke" <>


| | Junk E-Mail | Inbox


Thanks very much for your mail and understanding.I am sory , cos for now am

temporary out of coverage...But I think I should explain better with this e-mail

of ur's...The issue is that I have also contact my shipper he told me he will

come for the pickup of the item from your place once the cheque has clear your

account and fund is available with you. This how the payment will be made ,a

client of mine is owning me £3500.i will instruct him to issue the cheque in you

name and once the cheque clears your account you will deduct the cost of the

item and have my balance send to my shipper via western union money transfer for

him to come for the pickup of the item and some other iterms i have purchase

already.I will actually compesate you with the amount of £50. Hope this

arrangement is very clear with you. wait for your comfirmation asap..... i want

you to know that i explained to this way cos I can only pay U through this means

and for if U comply with it send me ur

fulll name and address.. Cos my client want it.. Welll i tried to tell him to

write only the amount of the product but he won't... he his paying me now and

that's the final the amount of £3500...So if U still want to sell it to me

...let me know asap....

Pls reply asap if OK...

Well I temporary stay in new zealands with my family....cos of work...

so what you reckon,, get his cheque and try and cash it just, just to see what happens

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Give him the MI5 address to send the cheque to or FRAUD SQUAD at any POLICE station..

Give your contact details as

Joe Bloggs and see what happens next .. :D

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so what you reckon,, get his cheque and try and cash it just, just to see what happens


accepting his cheque will represent consideration of his terms, an important part of any contract - even verbal.

you know the score with this Paul - standard ebay scam #3.

I send you a "guarnateed bankers draft / solid gold cheque" for a lot more than your auction.

You deduct the cost of your auction item, and send the rest to "my associate"..

So - I send you £3500for your item.

You deduct the cost of your item + an amount of compensation (he seems to be offering £50).

You give the remaining £2850 to my associate.

In a few weeks, my cheque bounces, and you are screwed for the money, and the auction item.

Tell him no, and delete all future emails unread mate ;)

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Matthew is Correct :winky:

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mat, you get me wrong,, i KNOW its a scam..

teh chq will be a company cheque / bankers draft that turns out to be a forgery and infact it is a non existent bank account.

so i might get the chq as a souviner,, what ya think lol

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