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Resetting The Ecu


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Just something I was thinking about.

Is there an optimal method after resetting the ECU so that it relearns everything as quickly as possible?

I've never seen anything like this written down anywhere, and wondered if there was a defined process that should be followed or whether it's fine to do a short drive etc.

What's best after the reset?

A short drive?

A long drive?

Pushing the engine?

Being gentle on the engine?

I've just done mine again tonight for the first time since the twins were installed and had problems with second gear for the first 5 or 6 attempts, the car was just stopping at 3000rpm and sitting there, but after the sixth or seventh time eventually pulled like a good 'un :)

Just wondered if there was a proper method for doing this after the reset.

I just took it for an hour's drive, pushing as hard as possible, whenever possible!

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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That's why I turned you down :P

Yeah I've been told I need to stay away from the Viagra, the doc told me that women actually need sleep ;)

Oh hang on, you were on about the drive weren't you :o

Cheers mate :lol:

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