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Rx300 Color-coded Roof Spoiler?

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I have made up my mind today on the color of my new RX300 when I saw it in black in person for the first time. I know that it will mean more maintainance but it is too sexy to resist!

I saw something unusual though.... it looked like the roof spoiler was colour-coded. It appeared exactly the same finish as the rest of the body work. Is the colour-coded roof spoiler for real? Could it be part of the latest spec? Or am I seeing things? :lol: I managed to take a photograph:

(Click on the following link to view hires image:

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Looking at the Lexus site in the used vehicle section even demonstrators with less than 1000 miles don't have a colour coded spoiler so it is either very new or the owner had it done. However the spoiler is black so may just look colour coded with a black vehicle.

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I contacted Lexus GB today and it seems that the color coded roof spoiler is not standard. They sent me a list of all the updates in the latest RX300 spec:

- RX300 now includes rain sensitive windscreen wipers (previously only

standard on the SE and SE-L)

- RX300 SE now includes the Adaptive Front-Lighting System (AFS)

(previously only standard on the SE-L)

- The Satellite Navigation system (optional on SE and standard on SE-L) has

been upgraded to include:

- Electronic Traffic Avoidance

- Voice recognition of commands

- Facilitation of handsfree use of compatible Bluetooth mobile phone

- Steering wheel mounted switches for voice recognition and mobile phone use

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