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Is300 Stage 2 Turbo Kit


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There was once a dicussion about a dodgy turbo company on eBay ... selling Turbo's for the IS300 ........

this one's interesting ..... and it's in London ...... Fargo interested maybe ?

Worth a look ...........

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yep SRT do some kick ***** tyrbo kits for the IS300 along with PLP, TBKO, Toyomoto.

but to be honest i wouldnt get the kit from eBay, and the price aint much of a saving, id rather pay the extra to get it form Mo (owner of srt) and get the full support and help.

also the eBay seller has no feedback, and was waiting 6 months for it, i bet he aint got a left hand drive IS300 either,


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is a scam :angry:

has been discussed on another forum

seller has used the same description and excuse

and has had various addresses around the world

has been withdrawn from eBay many times

and just reappears as another identity

hence no feedback

will not answer any emails

stay away !!!

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he answered mine bazza...

i was trying to suck him in,, ie asking about paypal or cash, asking where he is, aksing if he had a left or right hand drive lexus (as the kit only fits left hand) he said he had the right hand drive..

then asked him if he had the right hand drive 'conversion' kit that came witht he kit, and also for the serial number... aint heard back , so ive just reported it..

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