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Headlight Alignment


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My passenger headlight seems to be higher than the driver side. Seen a post of how to adjust it, but can anyone tell me

1) Which way to turn to adjust it downwards. Don't want to spend ages adjusting it the wrong way.

2) Which one should i adjust, i.e. is there a simple test to see if my headlight is the correct height. Not sure if my passenger side is too high, or my driver side is too low.


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when you say "dip them" what exactly do you mean?  Sorry, im being very thick today.  :duh:

Normal headlights (not full beam)

Sorted, spent 10mins - 15mins turning that cog.... much better... got PIAA ones, but to be honest, they look nice, but dnt light up the road very well.

still be going to HK sooon, so will get some much better headlights. May even consider Prolex's HIDs. :)

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