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Squeeky Noise Coming From Gearstick Area


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Good day chaps,

I have this problem- the doctor says I should put some cream on it.

I also have a problem with my IS. When driving, I can hear this really annoying squeeky sound which appears to be coming from the gearstick area. I am sure it is nothing dangerous, but it is SOOOO annoying, that a good few passengers have also commented on it. I have taken this to my dealer 3 times now, and last time they replaced the gear stick or some of its parts or something, but on driving it, the sound is still there. If i hold onto the actual gear stick and put my hand tightly around the fabric covering the stick, I can reduce/stop the sound momentarily.

Any ideas what on earth this is or how to rectify it? Car is still under warranty, but obviously the bods at lexus havent really got to the bottom of it.

Cheers dudes

Ps- oops :crybaby:

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I've had this very same problem.... Took it to the dealer, they said they had a look at it but it still made a weird squeaking noise.

Only just recently I had enough of it so decided to take a peek myself. Popped the chrome trim off and then pulled the material up over the gear stick to reveal basically a fairly big hole. There were 2 pieces of loose foam in there which I think the dealer inserted to try and fix it the first time. All I did was to push these down either side (left and right) of the gear mechanism. It might of also been that because I pulled the material up quite high that it was a factor too (not sure... ) But after replacing everything properly, hey the squeak has gone :D

Hope that helps...


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It sounds like the same problem I had: It's the gearshift gaiter rubbing together when its creased. Another topic on here ages ago recommended rubbing vaseline into the gaiter: sounds odd but it worked for me!

Rubbing vaseline on my gear stick- sounds err, a bit dodgy...

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