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Parrot Carkits


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Hi Guys

I just changed my mobile phone to the Samsung D500. I am well chuffed with it but next thing now is to source a good carkit for it for inside the LEX. I have heard of some people on here using the PARROT car kits. Are they any good? and is anybody running a PARROT carkit with a Samsung D500?

Advice needed! HELP


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I have had 2 parrot car kits in the past, the original one (CK3000), and then the one with the new dispalay unit and gps (CK3300).

I think the kit is brilliant (IMO). I had it in my old car, Civic Type R where the head unit is a tad but easier to change, more or less a straight swap.

If u have an alpine unit, u wouldnt need any adapters for the sound to come out of the car speakers, if you have other units, i believe u need a mute cable/adpater. I had a Sony Ericsson phone and the numbers sync with the unit and so all the numbers and names store on the parrot kit. U can then record the voice tags on the parrot kit aswell. However, when i changed my phone to a Nokia, I couldn't do that and the voice tags had to remain on the phone, thus limiting the number of tags to the phone limit, 10 in nokia's case. If you have the tags on the Parrot kit, when the person phones you, the tag is played over the speakers, so you know who is calling you.

The downside to the parrot kit, and I guess to any similar kit, is the qaulity of the call for person on the other end. If you have a noisey car, or you place the mic where there seem to be vibration, then the quality of the call is not that good, if you're driving normally, then its ok. They recommend placing the mic under the rear view mirror, I assume you have minimal vibration there.

I sold my kit when I bought the lexus, as i didnt think i will go and buy an after market unit. This car is obviously much more quiet than the CTR, so it would be good to see how its like.

Overall the unit was brilliant and its very good to be able to make a call or recieve a call with a touch of a button. With magic word, you can make a call without touching a button, just say "Telephone", The Name and it will dial it... brilliant!!

As said, the only down side is the quality of the call when you drive faster, i.e. Motorway speed.

Umm.. this has turned into a mini review.. hope it helps anyway.

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I look around for a while before I bought my car kit. The Parrot didnt have any good reviews when I searched around, the major issues were to do with kits dieing or needing software upgrades to work with the latest phones.

If you have a look on expansys, they have some forums for the product, a few whinges on their that put me off the kit, one of the main grips I had read was teh amount of units that were either DOA or died shortly after install...

I went for the Nokia one in the end as I have a Nokia phone, the sound quality to the other end of the phone line is reported to be better then when I am not using the kit!

Like H said above, you are stuck with the Nokia limitations of 10 voice tags etc... but I dont view that as a probelm as its a works phone :)

I would check out the expansys forums for more details... I am sure there has been a few threads on here also.

These threads may be of use (search is your friend ;) )

LOC threads:

Expansys Forum....

Hope that helps :)

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