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Hello peeps,

I've just had a phone call from Essex Police :o investigating a huge fraud. I bidded on some nokia phones back in July 2004, they were asking if i had won the auction, paid and not recieved the item... and then they asked had i ever been conned on eBay. Anyways seems like the are cracking down on this big time :)

Anyone else get these calls? :huh:

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Be careful-very careful,if they contact you again and start asking for personal details (credit card number, home address etc)ask for a main switchboard phone number and an extension so you can ring them back. If this is not forthcoming for any reason you are probably being scammed. :excl:

Unfortunatly the world is now stuffed with ner-do-wells after our hard earned and they will stop at nothing to part us from it. :ohmy:

On the other hand they may be real coppers just doing a hard days work.

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o dear :S..

1st of all i thought i was in trouble, as I was in Essex at the weekend.. but even before he mentioned that, he said 'dont worry your not in trouble, we are investigating'.

The only details I have PC Nick Burton from the Essex Police force..

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