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Gs 300 (mk2) Idling Speed


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Hi All,

I have a GS300 (mk2) 2002 model, with 14k. In the three years i have had it i kept noticing a tappety noise if i dont drive it for a couple of days on an intial start up.

I finally got annoyed with it and reported it to Lexus when it went in for a service. The noise has disappeared but noticed the car is idling at 1400rpm for a lot longer nowadays and that the idling speed has increased from 500 rpm to roughly 750 rpm (needle fluctuates up and down slightly aswell now) and worst of all the petrol consumption has crept up.

I have been reading the posts regarding idling speeds havent found out the factory idle rates for :

- Drive

- Park

I thought i would check around and get my facts straight about the idle rate before i book it back in and get them to check it using there diagnostic machine.


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Idle should be around 650-750 on the 300 with the AC off and around 800 with it on.

Idling at 1400rpm may just be because it's started to get colder overnight but it sounds like they disconnected the Battery which will reset the engine ECU. Give it a couple of days and the idle should sort itself out and a tank or 2 of fuel should have the mpg back to normal as well.

Idle in drive should be around 500

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Guys, on a quick note, if the 'N' Idle speed is around 500 & 'D' around 200, would that be one of possible route causes of Performance degradation? I find it very sluggish and it takes ages to cross 60km, the responsivness is really bad. However, once it crosses the 100km, the response becomes gradually better but only during the higher speeds.... Any idea? Thanks in Advance! I get the EML after crossing 1000RPM, and use 91 type fuel!

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