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Bolney 06 - Beauty And The Beast


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LexJapUKmeets and DazMYselector present :

Bolney 06 –Beauty and the Beast




Planned one week before the start of the D1GB season : Bolney 2006 will be held on Saturday 8th April. The meet will start FROM 11:30am - please do NOT turn up any earlier as we will be trying to get the carpark display area arranged and sorted before everyone else turns up (otherwise it's too hectic to move cars around).


This years theme is "Beauty and The Beast". The carpark will be used as a display area - for which selected car clubs will be asked to pick their favoured "show 'n' Shine" car and to pick a "boosted up beast" Clubs to be invited are,350ZOC, FTOOC,CRX-UK, GTR (for GTR's), MLR,, FDUK, SXOC, MR2OC, DriftWorks, CTROC, GT4OC, GTIROC and SOC (for GTS's). If we decide nearer the time that we have more space available then we will invite a few more clubs to put forward 2 cars each.


Because the carpark will be a display area, please do NOT turn up and try and park in the carpark - as this will ruin what we are trying to achieve. Please use the grass verges along the sides of the road and the main grass verge outside the pub (as in previous years). Also, please be considerate to residents who live in the area - and do not restrict them access to their properties. Additionally, please do not park across the entrance to slip roads. We do not want to annoy the residents and limit our chances of returning again.


Last year the pub did a superb job with catering and they should be offering something similar this year. Last year they had burgers, hot dogs, chips, etc as well as cans of drinks. They also went around with trays of hotdogs and burgers so that people didn't need to go into the pub to get food.


There will be a zero tolerance rule with people who try to demonstrate what their car is capable of ... by this we mean anyone seen speeding or driving like a moron will be asked to leave. This is a purely static meet ... if you want to drive your car hard then go to a trackday instead. As in previous years we expect there to be children attending with their parents and we do NOT want to see anyone get injured.


Sussex police WILL be notified of the event and they WILL be paying us a visit regularly. If they cannot drive through as regularly as hoped, and we get idiots doing fly-by's then we will be phoning Sussex Police and asking them to come down.


We will be doing a collection for a local Bolney charity again this year - and we will be asking for donations of £1.00 per person (or more if you wish to). If you do not want to donate then that's up to you, but please do NOT get arsey with people asking for donations. Last year our collection team received numerous insults and rude comments when they were collecting. If you do not want to donate the small amount of £1.00 then simply say "no thankyou" and leave it at that.


Please ensure that you use the litter bins scattered around the area - and do not drop rubbish on the floor. Last year everyone was superb and didn't make a mess, but in previous years it's been terrible and we've had to go around tidying up (along with a few others). Please be considerate.


South Mimms Services Leaving 10 am sharp – Pulling into to Clackett Lane services then onto Bolney

JapPerf and JTuner write ups from this yr :

More news coming soon

cheers Lex

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seen the pics from previous years and it looked a bit chaotic, cars seem to be everywhere, but all this parking on verges and the like sounds like an organisational nightmare.

Would like to go due to the type of cars oin display there :D is it as bad as it sounds for parking?? :unsure:

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