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  1. Just bought J-Tuner and talks about the Janspeed IS200 supercharger conversion. "This setup consists of an Eaton M62 supercharger running just 6psi boost, a front mounted intercooler, and a full stainless steel performance exhaust that runs twin sports cats..." then the big bit! "the conversion is sanctioned by Toyota GB and comes with 12 month warranty" Anyone else know about this? Ive not heard anything about this or am i behind the times?
  2. Gave The Wheels A Squirt Earlier!

    I think most of the "veteran" members of LOC like a bit of pink. Wheels are looking, be good to see how the car is now.
  3. -1 New Message

    It says I have -1 new message in my control panel. How does that work then?
  4. -1 New Message

    Damn its been fixed. Quite liked the nvelty factor
  5. Lexus Drivers Are The Worst?

    I guess its just too much time on the people at diamonds hands and playing with the database.
  6. -1 New Message

    No then it would say 1 New Message. Not -1 New message.
  7. -1 New Message

    Quite disappointed. Is it to point out I am negatively popular
  8. There are some coilovers and uprated ARB's on LOC if anyone is interested. EDIT: Damn I meaant DRiftworks. Can a mod edit the title please
  9. Why O Why?

    Football with Aygo's
  10. Its That Time Again

    Have fun with a bit of man love from the Philipinos.....we know you love it. Seee you when your back
  11. Bear Grylls

    But he has always said in interviews about staying in hotels between filming. As I wouldnt fancy camping out for months on end.
  12. Jae 2007

    That was very funny! Kirsty Im with Barry on this one your great....I dont like getting hit either ;) So glad that came out well, had me in stiches.
  13. Whats Your Taste?

    For me I only drink cider, and jd and coke, and red wine, and ales and champagne, and scotch, and bourbon, and thats pretty much it. Thats one night's drinking covered anyway. lol Aido> Chris just like's his slap and tickle with more slap and no tickle.
  14. Jae 2007 Awards

    I think my Eta air vent has improved my performance
  15. JAE 2007 - Feedback Thread

    Had a great weekend. missed most of things at JAE like usual. After having a couple of shandy's on Friday. Was entertained by the 3 tarts(Was informed one of them was Em) in the pooring rain. and Chris' ramblings after a bolloking from Kirsty once he made his way through a bottle of vodka. pprenthere were some cars there too, but think I must of missed those. Aido> CUrry meet sounds damn good to me....Im sure SteveMcQueen Will be up for that too!!
  16. Is F V New M3

    Audi only makes one RS at a time, due to time/cost of there RS engineering guys. The RS4 is a better car than the M3 by miles, but the beemer has the image behind it. Its what the office worker witht their new build houses aspires to own.
  17. Is200 Radiator - Which One?

    you can get a koyo aluminum one from US with cuent exchange rate costs about 150 all in to your door. Is a lot beter radiator
  18. See You All In A Week!

    Another new car with supercharger then. Sure you will love it
  19. Jamie's Lexus

    Just found this thread as not been on here much. Glad I saw your car at the weekend for a proper look over. Coming on nicely, and after the weekends purchases I think you will have a real beauty on your hands.
  20. My Tezza

    Join the que mate, she's happily married with two lovely kids ;-) I guess i'll make do with you then. ;-)
  21. Lexus

    There is a big post already, with a lot of ones on
  22. My Tezza

    Good news on getting it back. good to see u back too Oh as everyone pussy footed around the issue before, You single?
  23. No Charges Brought

    Its quite obvious they could never link anything, as they could not get full security clearance to a lot of documents. But if anyone thought that any charges brought against anyone is a bit niave. This would put British politics in disrepute, on a world wide level. Would do a hell of a lot of damage if charges were pressed.
  24. Jae 2007 Northern Convoy

    You dont want to meet at ferrybridge services, as you have to come off the new A1 for that. You want to meet further down at one of the doncaster services. A1 Meeting Point
  25. Have You Seen Whats In The Autotrader

    Probally not hence 13k Last time I saw him it was running fine. Dont know who owns it now though. Is a very well cared for car