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Will This Fit


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after getting an ipod nano from santa im needing something to connect it to my car, does anyone know if this will fit on a standard radio in a IS200 SE.

or has anyone seen or used this kit, what do you think about it


Looks pretty funky, you will need the Aux in adapter from prolex to get it to come through the standard headunit.

You just need to make sure that your headunit has the 20 pin connector on the back and not the 18 pin otherwise the aux-in adapter won't work.


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was just going to mention an FM modulator, but then looked at your link, that Harmam Kardon effort looks the superb :D really cool looking gadget.

As Lee said there is always the Prolex Aux in adaptor, probably the better for sound quality, suppose it depends if you want the extra gadget

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to be honest i have both an FM modulator (useless in built up areas) and also the standard cassette type adaptor.

If you dont mind hiding the casette lead then go for it as the quality is top notch for the sound and at about £10 and no real problems when fitting its a very cost effective way of doing it

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