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Just Bought A Hks Camp!


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Seeing as jasper wouldnt sell me his manifold :whistling: , i've gone and bought a HKS Camp system instead.

Picked it up off eBay, the camp unit, junction box, boost harness +sensors, and low engine temperature sensor and harness.

The plan is to wire it into my satnav screen. :D

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sooo jealous!

what connecter is on the end for the video out?

on the hks camp it's phono (which i'm guessing must be RGB?)

on the satnav screen (already removed from my car :D ) it's some kind of multipin socket (24-pin, just counted)

no idea how i'm gonna connect the two yet :crybaby:

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damn that makes me want HKS Camp so so so much!

Before i was blissfully ignorant as to its greatness, damn you!!!! lol

If (and thats a BIG if) I can make it work through the satnav screen, then it will be supreme greatness! :D

Failing that, i'm going to have to get a motorised screen and replace the standard stereo, which I don't really want to do.

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Well, I have the next bit (temporarily) sorted now.

Won an auction on eBay last night for a 6.5" Pioneer screen, brand-new, £81 :D Picked it up this morning as the company selling it is just around the corner from where i'm working, so bit of a result there.

The plan now is to install the HKS Camp, and then plug it into this screen i've got. All going well and it works, i'll then remove my satnav screen and replace it with this one. I've got a mate whose an electronics wizard and he's going to look at my satnav unit with some kind of scope, apparently picks up the outputs and stuff, and he reckons we can knock up an adaptor.

I will keep you updated :)

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