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Just picked up my IS350 this weekend. I traded in a Mustang GT (what a change, I know) and I'm really impressed with the power, handling, and comfort of this car. My wife drives a MB C240, and the IS is a better car, in my opinion.

While I'm new to the Lexus world, I'm an old guy when it comes to forums, posting, and whatnot.

I'd post up some pics, but you've all seen what a stock 350 looks like. :yawn:

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LOL. I just figured out that I'm in the UK side of the site.

That mean you're off then :o

He'll probably be back after he logs in over here (USA) :lol: The IS350 has marginally more horses than the new Mustang....306 v. 300, and of course it looks better.

Don't know if it's typical for the rest of the States but the Lexus Houston dealer here says the sales split between 350 and 250 is 1 to 3, that is of new IS's sold 75% are 250's. He tells me it's due to price only. This is also reflected in the high end spec. 'cos if I wanted the top spec with the Levinson sound system etc. it would be special order and delivery of 6 to 8 months.

I've mentioned the spec differences in other topics. I'm still pixxed off that the cargo net is standard issue on the cars here and I couldn't get it as a freebie when I bought my IS250 SE-LMM in the UK....and don't get me started on the 18" rims as a factory option for the yank market :tsktsk:

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I'd be interested in pics of the Mustang GT you had as well - I love American Muscle Cars


This is my mate's car, it sounds gorgeous, and I think actually mustangs looks good again, (they lost the plot in the 80's and 90's IMO)

He imports them as well, about 27K I think for the GT (300HP)

It pulls like a train as well, not a big lazy V8 like you might expect.

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