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Feels weird not posting in the IS part of the forum but here's my first question on the Aristo/GS300.....

When I picked up the Aristo there was no handbook supplied (either Japanese or Engish). :crybaby:

So what I need to know it worth buying an Handbook for the GS300 and will this give me much general info on the Aristo or should I contact someone mentioned in previous posts who sells english Aristo manuals? To anyone who has bought one: Are these any good?

Also I've seen these on fleebay for the US GS300/400/430. Would there be much difference and would it be worth buying one of these?

Any advice here would be great!

Thanks, Miles

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Cheers Chips, but I have a thirst for knowledge and no toilet reading material at the mo'. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

The more info I can get on my new car the better. Got a lot of basic questions that need answering with regards to using the auto box and how to get the most outta the cruise control.

Once I've got use to the car then will comethe avalanche of questions :D

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Don't suppose you could translate it as well mate! :lol:

Are they the instructions for the mark ii?

First auto box I've ever driven and never had cruise control so no idea how to use either :wacko:

Thanks, Miles

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The books for a MK1.

Cruise----press the button in on the end of the lever, this enables the cruise control, should have cruise illuminated on the dash. At your set speed, pull the lever towards you, like you would to flash your lights, this will then set the cruise for that speed. Use of the brakes while using cruise, will cancel it, and you will have to set it again (the lever also moves up and down, but don't what they do as in jap writing, but comparing it to my old supra, it'll be cancel, and resume/accelarate trial and error)

Autobox--- leave it in D with O/D on for most of the time, stick it in sports when giving it large, to maximise revs (don't think it alters any timing/fuelling but might be wrong, working from memory as been out of the jap scene for a few years)

You may need to select certain gears for towing e.t.c restricting speed downhill e.t.c

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It's a handy thing to have, especially if you don't have much self control :D if it's busy though, not much point in using it as you'll always be cancelling it.

Also takes a bit of getting used to if you haven't used it before, as it feels un-natural.

Very very handy if you have a particular stretch of raod with loads of speed cameras, or road works with cameras, which we have in abundance this way at the moment.

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Nice one, I'll give the cruise control a go tomorrow, can't be too difficult. Do you use it much or is it not really worth it?

I use the cruise control a fair bit,keeps me on the right side of the speed limit.Only works at 40mph and above for some reason on me import.On my old UK spec LS400 and other uk cars ive owned it would work at speeds of 25mph and over.

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