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Hi everyone , my names Humphrey from ireland bought my first Lexus about 2 weeks ago a burgundy 1994 GS300 with a grey interior and a special reg no 94-D-3000 special for ireland as we cant have private plates, the min i drove it i fell in love with everything straight away

I'm coming from a 91 Corolla Sprinter Executive which i love to death but its been 2 1/2 years so it time for change , its a bit of a jump but still familiar as toyotas have been in my family since 1987 corolla - camry, I'm still getting to used to the width and the rear end is high for parking but I'll get over it :)

talk to ye





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Hi and Welcome to the LOC :)

What a Lovely looking car,love the colour its the first one ive seen in this colour B) and it looks in Mint condition ;)

I know what you mean with the parking,i tend to open the drivers door and lean out to reverse so i can see how far away i am :winky:

Happy Motoring!!

You wont go far wrong with the Lexus.


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thanks guys :) , bodywork wise she is clean just a small mark on the drivers side rear quarter you wouldn't even see it if you didnt know there just a few thing like the aerial , and the two rear doors drivers side rear window isnt working and the other door doesn't lock with the rest but their minor things i can fix in my own time

one question is when i first start it in the morning a i hear noise like a pump starting up but if you turn it off and start it again its not there is it normal ?

@ chips thats what i do too ,but think I'll put on parking sensors tho



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