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Specs M1 J6a-10

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So how do these actually work?

I can't remember how many i counted, but i think there are 5 sets of SPECS cameras as you pass through J6a to 10.

Does that mean if you pass SPECS1 and SPECS2 and average 35mph you're safe... but if you pass SPECS2 and SPECS3 at average 45mph, you're done for? Say you exceeded the average twice on the same journey between SPECS2-3 and SPEC4-5.... would you get 2 speeding tickets?

Or is the average calculated from SPECS1 all the way to SPECS5?

What happens if someone leaves the after SPECS3 and rejoins the M1 45 minutes later at SPECS4?

Does the initial SPECS entry time still count?

Too many questions.

finally... does hiding behind lorries work?

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I think your time is from 1-2-3-4-5 so if you speed between any point your nicked.

Hididng behind lorries doesn't work as at some point you will be picked up.

Say (for example) is it then possible to receive 4 speeding tickets along 1 drive.... 3 points each and therefore be banned?

Say one were to travel this journey 5 times in a week... and as the first NIP doesn't come through till a week later, you could possibly have incurred 20 speeding tickets totalling 60 points.

Surely a fault in the system?

Simple answer is to not speed Niraj.

.......pot calling kettle black...i thinks ;)

Of course Ahmet, this SPECS question was purely an informational based question.

As for speeding, I wouldn't dare it anymore. Infact I recall a plain clothed officer telling me last night, that even he speeds.

Too many undercover coppers driving around these days.

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