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Tinted Glass

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I currently own an IS200SE with standard tint on the windows.

I have a new audio system install on the way, and once that's done

I have always fancied the Rear Doors + Rear Window tinted relatively

dark like the Sport model. My motives are that I think it will look cool,

and stop prying eyes at least on the back. B)

Does anyone know if this will affect my Insurance ? :tsktsk:

Would this deter theives or attract them in your opinions ? (please all vote on this)

Any other Good or Bad things of note ? :duh:

I am going to get this professionally done, does anyone

recommend a specialist in South / South East London/Kent area ?

Cheers guys :winky:


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Had mine done professionally about 5 months ago, well worth every penny. Got 20% on the rears and 35% on the fronts. Borderline legal but looks the dogs danglies..............

No effect on my insurance having declaired.

I think it's a deterrent to theives who want to steal belongings but not theives who are looking to steal the Lex.

Good for keeping the sun light off my baby son in his car seat in the back too!

Just my thoughts........... ;)

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Mines got the standard sport tints plus the previous owner did the front sides to a supposedly legal tint to (nearly) match. Looks sweet in my opinion and no cons at all, even in low light or darkness never had any probs with the front sides as they are legal.

Could help against casual/opportunist thieves but my advice would be to not leave anything in view anyway. If its the new audio install you are worried about then surely tiniting the back will not have any effect on what they can see in the dash anyway?

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I had my rear doors and rear window done and here's my plus's ......

My rear screen shattered 6 months after getting it gone (rear screen heater fault (we think)) but due to it having the tint film on it stayed in one piece, we all know how messy shattered glass can be, it also remained water tight and allowed me to drive around for 2 days until the local Autoglass ordered the replacement. :)

Also have rear DVDs for the children and it means the picture isn't affected by the sun.

Oh and it looks cool.

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My ls200 SE didn't come with tints so got it professionally tinted, front and rears! the tint level i got was dark smoke!

any tint film on driver side and passenger side windows is illegal, you can have as much as dark windows u like at the back which inst illegal! if you get pulled over they can only issue you a fine of 30 pounds!

advantages of having tints is the privacy and blocks sunlight

disadvantage is driving in the dark sometimes really hard to see wing mirrors and out of the back window.

i got my windows tinted by this company called ova revs! its a mobile company they come to u and do it while your at work or even in ur driveway outside ur house!

This is there number 07799601240

cost me 170 to get my car fully tinted! you also get discount if you get them other customers so if you get them to do another car straight after your car, you can negotiate prices! i takes about 2 hours max to get you whole car tinted!

heres a pic of my car!


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