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Not really. That thing with the cable coming out of it is the cruise control actuator unit. Top cable is the actuated one, bottom cable is the one from the throttle pedal.

The alarm siren unit may be located under the cover where the w/screen wiper motor is, behind the firewall at the back of the cruise control actuator. Maybe.

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Is it a Mk I and Mk II?

My Mk II has a horn attached to the offside inner wing just under where the front corner of the bonnet shuts down; quite far forward, certainly not up near the braking system. Then there is another horn behind the grill, attached just in front of the radiator.

To be honest I'm not sure which is the alarm and which is the one for the horn button in the steering wheel!

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if its a MK1 you should find it under the front offside corner (behind the headlight are)

Access is really simple - 3 10mm bolts for the dust cover then it is in full view.

Hardest problem was getting up the ramps without scratching the front spoiler !!

I am too old and fat to squirm under without those............

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