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Cash Card Lost


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Hi need some advice again.

My daughter lost her solo cash card, but didnt notice untill sunday morning. she called the bank and they cancelled the card. Today her new card has turned up off she trots to get some cash out only to find £500 missing.

The thing is the cash went out of the account on saturday night / sunday morning, before the card was reported lost anyone know where she stands on getting the money back.

My opinion is that as the cash was withdrawn before it was reported lost then thats the end of it, or is she limited to x pounds, advice/opinions please.

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Depends how the money was taken out, if it was done using the card number then she will deffo get it back.

If it was cash out of an atm or bank the the pin or id would needed, so it will be a little less straight forward, still a very good chance she will get it tho.

Need to call the bank and they will send you some forms to fill in.

Good luck



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Now that chip and pin has been introduced, they have shifted the responsabilities on to the retailer. If the retailer accepts the signature then they may be liable. Regardless of this, the bank will have to refund you the money missing, specially if its been done by purchases made on the card.

As Paul said, the bank will send you some forms to fill in as Barclays did when money went from my account with my Visa. Eventually got a result and and a £20 good will gesture through me be rather p :tsktsk: d!

However, if she's lost it, the bank will probably just refund whats owed.

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strange one that will be ( lost card day before and £500 missing ) reported it the next day,

solo card is for a current account and mostly limited to cash machine withdrawal of £250/300 in any one day unless the amount of £500 was agreed beforehand so that makes it unlikely it was from a cash machine,

as its chip and pin all shops have to use the PIN number for transactions with that little keypad thingy so if that shop used a signature then you should be covered and im sure the bank will do everything it can to help you and themselves

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update on the card.

After contacting the bank it seems £490 was withdrawn from her account from cash machine with the pin number 1 hit on sat in lakeside and 3 hits on sunday 2 in lakeside and 1 in bethnal green. Any ideas how this can happen ?

I put 2 + 2 together and get 5

I happen to suspect her boyfriend (who lives not a million miles away and meets her at work in Yep Lakeside )but alas there is no proof yet.

After we contacted the bank we needed to make a report to the police. They reckon it might be on cctv, but who knows.

At first it was the money now i feel it is personal. :tsktsk:

anyone know how i can make a background check on an Individual ?

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strange because a single payment of £490 was drawn and you dont say a limit was set, I guess the bank wont look at this in the way you think because the pin was used?

no it was 3 seperate hits totaling £490 over two days. The usual limit of £250 applies the whole senario just dosent ring true to me.

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