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Jacking The Car............

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Hi and I wonder if anyone can help.......?

I'm just in the middle of setting the car up for jacking (to paint the calipers) and I wondered where the best place on the rear of the car is to jack (in the centre)?

I don't have axle stands so I'm afraid I'm doing the rear for a few hours then the front.

I have seen a small square looking metal box from the rear of the car with some bolts facing to the rear of the car - if you are familiar with this part, is it ok to use this as a jacking point?

Many thanks.....


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thats the rear differential, and can be jacked there as long as you use something soft between the jack and the diff casing.

however, for the price of x2 axle stands, is it really worth the risk of the jack collapsing!

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I can't find anywhere to purchase from you see, I went to Halfrauds yesterday and they were out of stock as well! I'm more than willing to buy, but there is no where open and I have very little opportunity to work on my car unfortunately.

I read here....

....what you have just said about the jacking point but was unsure if this was it.

Could I also ask the best location for the front, or is that pretty obvious when you have a look?

Thanks very much I will pester a few neighbours to see if they have any.


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