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Im after a pair of these wheels for my car, i only want the rears to be honest, which are the 10" x 18".

I went to the local Lexus dealer today and although i got the price, the part number he quoted was different to the part number a mate of mine got a quote for.

Part number i was given:- LAM287 - 81000

Part number he was given:- KAM287 - 81000

As you can see its only the first digit thats different, but i dont want that to be the digit for the colour they come in and end up ordering the wrong finish. The prices for both parts were exactly the same.

So my questions:-

1. Do these wheels come in more than one colour/finish?

2. Whats the difference between these 2 part numbers?

3. Does any one have a pair/one they want rid of? :winky:


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