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There's A 3s-ge With All The Bits On Ebay For £1500


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Not sure if this is any good to anyone but there's a 3S-GE listed on eBay with the gearbox, ecu loom and all the gubbins you need for £1500 - just found it while looking for something else!

Not sure if anyone is after one but there you go - cheaper than a supercharger but it will cost a lot more to get it working!

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Bit expennsive for a used engine and gearbox to me, i've just bought an engine, gearbox, ecu and loom for a 1.8 Corolla for just £200

That Chris is the going rate for the Beams engine, there very sought after and rare as rocking horse poo!

Considering my head rebuild cost me £1000 i think this is a very good price...

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Have to admit I don't have a clue how much engines go for, didn't seem bad when you think that a supercharger kit to get a 1G-FE to the same sort of levels will be nearly double that price nowadays if you're buying from TTE (have to admit I don't know what TTE sell the kits for so that's a guesstimate...)

Plus the 3S-GE seems to be easier to get high power levels out of than the 1G-FE so you also get a better base to work with!

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